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ALM-1000 Alarm Sensing Module    ALM-1000 Photo
For Visual, Audible and Remote Indications of Alarm Conditions  

 Fiber Optic Alarm Module Application  

The ALM-1000 provides an indication of an alarm condition that occurs in any Litelink? fiber optic transmission module to which it is connected. When an alarm condition is sensed, a red indicator LED on the unit begins to blink and an audible beeper begins to sound. In addition, a set of SPDT contacts are activated for the operation of a remote device.

The ALM-1000 may be used to detect the loss of a signal, or to detect the occurrence of a broken fiber depending on the module it is connected to. The unit may be used in either a stand-alone mode or mounted to any of the RMP series of rack mounting panels.
Specifications Important Features
Compatibility Any Litelink? module     Visual and Audible  Indications
Visual Indicator Blinking Red LED    Remote SPDT  Contacts
Audible Indicator Beeping Piezo Sounder    Single model for stand 
Controls* Sounder On/Off        alone or rack mount     
Remote Alarm Contacts SPDT    Din Rail mount option
Output Contact Ratings  0.5 A @ 125 VAC
 1.0 A @ 24 VDC
Remote contact Connector Removable Terminal Block
Operating Temperature  -35 to+75C  
Power Requirements  11-24 VAC/DC @150 mA
Physical Size  5.0" x 3.0" x 1.0"
127mm x 76mm x 25.4mm

* Red Alarm LED and Remote Alarm Contacts cannot be turned off.
Note that all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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